Listening & Reading

Индивидуальные уроки IELTS Listening & Reading

Курсы IELTS Listening & Reading

IELTS L&R Basics

4 занятия по 60 минут
  • Основы IELTS Listening
  • Базовые стратегии для вопросов IELTS Listening
  • Основы IELTS Reading
  • Разбор самых трудных вопросов IELTS Reading

IELTS L&R - Expert

10 занятий по 60 минут
  • Основы IELTS Listening & Reading
  • Детальный разбор всех вопросов IELTS Listening
  • Ключевые навыки: Paraphrasing & Predicting
  • Техники IELTS Reading и разбор всех типов вопросов

Что включено в каждый курс?

+ Занятия с IELTS тренером по индивидуальному графику.
+ Оптимальные материалы для вашего уровня и необходимого балла.
+ Проверка домашнего задания.
+ Поддержка вне занятий и ответы на ваши вопросы.

What my students say

"Best teacher ever! Every class is great, Alex is very professional and charismatic, I felt that he really wants to improve my English. My English wasn't so good when we began individual IELTS preparation,we had to start with General English for the first 3-4 months. After that we had IELTS lessons and finally I managed to get a 7.0 overall band! :)"
Olga T.

7.0 Overall band score
"I took 10 lessons with Alex in 2019 to prepare for IELTS individually. I already had Upper-Intermediate so we just focused on exam questions and in one month I felt very confident especially in speaking. The exam went exactly as I expected, I was ready for each part and I was quite lucky with the topic because we practiced it at the last lesson before the exam )) Thanks, Alex!"
Jane K.

8.0 Overall band score
"I needed IELTS to study abroad and the minimum was 6.0. The most difficult for me was speaking coz I don't have any practice. We did a lot of speaking practice of all exam questions. I got 6,5 overall in the end! I recommend lessons with Alex to everyone."
Konstantin R.

6.5 Overall band score
"I was super nervous about IELTS writing, especially the essays because I don't have much experience. I wanted to take lessons first, but after 3 classes Alex told me that the speaking is fine and I don't need to worry much about it and suggested to practice writing on my own, and that's what I did. I think I wrote around 10 essays and letters in total and Alex' feedback really helped to get a high score. I think 7.0 for writing is great!
Helen F.

7.5 Overall band score